Carer Advisory Groups

Carer Advisory Group Update 2022


There are around 50 carers across the state who are members of Divisional Carer Advisory Groups, established to improve the lines of communication between carers, community service organisations and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. 


The Carer Advisory Groups (CAGs) are now in their 8th year of operation, although 2020/21 had obvious barriers to progress. The FCAV is focussed on ensuring the Terms of Reference for the CAGs meet requirements in all Divisions, including the taking and sharing of minutes and a centralised administration instrument which can consolidate localised issues as well as scope for strengthening the connections between the CAGs and the Carer Strategy Working Group, which has begun its program of delivery again in early 2022.


The forum provides a great opportunity for carers and carer representatives to contribute to the future design of the children and families services system in Victoria. Please note: The North Division currently has a vacancy for the position of Carer Co-Chair. If you are a carer in the North of Victoria and have interest in the CAG please fill out the EOI below or contact the Divisional DFFH Co-Chair for the North. 


Expressions of Interest are open to carers who would like to join their divisional CAG at any time in the tenure round, however please note that CAG numbers are necessarily limited, so a waitlist will occur where there is significant interest. 


CAG Terms of Reference

Information for Carers

Expression of Interest Form


For further information on the operation of the Carer Advisory Group in your division please contact the relevant representative at Department of Families, Fairness and Housing:




DFFH Co-Chair


Temporary contact:

Rebecca Collins 
Principal Adviser, Directorate | Hume Moreland Area North Division



Penelope Steuart

Executive Area Director, Hume Moreland Area North Division



Karyn Spencer

Directorate, Office of the Deputy Secretary South Division, Community Operations and Practice Leadership


Mara Long


Inner and Outer Eastern CAG

Kristy Alexander

Senior Adviser, Agency Performance & System Support

Inner Eastern Melbourne Area

East Division

Shauna Walter, Executive Director, Inner Eastern Melbourne Area


(Keith Smith rotating chair annually)



Sandie Mitchell


From July 2022 - Tina Coviello,

Peter Sproules

Director, Office of the Deputy Secretary, West Division



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