Carer Assistance Program

It is well recognised that foster carers are often overwhelmed by a number of system issues which impact their physical and psychological wellbeing. Whilst the Carer Information and Support Service (CISS) provides a range of supports to carers (advocacy, information and advice), carers often seek targeted therapeutic support and are subsequently often referred to external support providers, like the EAP.


As such, the natural extension of the CISS service, is to provide an additional direct service of therapeutic support, similar to the EAP, aimed at supporting and improving the mental health and wellbeing of foster carers. A service offering sector specific expertise in matters unique to foster carers would seem particularly meaningful at a time of heightened stress and anxiety for as a result of Covid 19 shutdowns.


Some of the issues you might need additional support for include:

- Loss and grief following a placement termination/breakdown

- Anxiety and depression

- Compassion fatigue

- System ‘trauma’ following CIMS, being deregistered, loss of carer identity


CAP Sessions will be run by Tonya on Mondays and Tuesdays.






Tonya Bavaro joined the FCAV in 2016 and worked as a member of the Carer Information and Support Service team until September 2020. Since the launch of the FCAV’s new Carer Assistance Program (CAP), Tonya has been delivering the CAP’s counselling and therapeutic support to Victorian foster carers. Tonya’s previous work history includes extensive experience working therapeutically with children and families impacted by abuse and trauma. She continues to be a strong advocate for children in home based care and is committed to delivering a unique and targeted therapeutic program focussed on the wellbeing of carers, in recognition of the critical role they play in the lives of these children.





If you feel that you might benefit from CAP support please fill out the referral form online to book a session. It is free and confidential*

*Please note that limits to confidentiality might apply if you or your child/ren are identified as being at risk of harm.


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