Carer Allowances

To access the carer allowance rates for foster care, kinship care, permanent care and local adoption (special needs), click here.


Assessed and approved foster, kinship, permanent and special needs local adoption carers are eligible to receive care allowances where the Victorian child protection service or a registered community service organisation places a child (aged 0 to 18 years) in their care.


The allowances are not a ‘payment’ for being a carer and is therefore not considered to be a source of income for the purposes of annual tax returns, testing eligibility for Australian Government allowances, or when applying for loans from financial institutions.


The care allowance is paid fortnightly by the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services and is intended to contribute to a range of day-to-day expenses incurred in the provision of care.


For advice about care allowances, please contact the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services Care Allowances Helpdesk by phone on 1300 552 319 or by email at for assistance.


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