2022 Foster Carer Snapshot Report

The 2022 Carer Snapshot Report is now available


The FCAV has conducted the snapshot report since 2012 to find out the numbers of foster carers entering and exiting the system and to keep track of trends. Community Service Organisations (CSOs) including Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) provide the data based on the carer households affiliated with each of its offices.


The last carer snapshot report noted the promising increase in carers going through the accreditation process in 2020- 2021, this, however, has not resulted in an increase in active carers this year. Some agencies noted a clean-up of non-active households from their databases which may have impacted active and non-active household numbers in 2022. The drop in the number of newly accredited foster carers and increase in the number of exited households is concerning and does not meet the current growing need for foster care in Victoria (See chart 2).


Follow this link to view the report in full.


Data from page 2 of the 2022 CSSR