Carer Assistance Program Presentation

Darwin Tessa session 1Tessa Hughes delivered a plenary session on the Carer Assistance Program (CAP) at the IFCO Conference. The Presentation reiterated the complexities of caring and many carers commented on the emotional challenges and the need for a specialist service, that understands their specific issues.

Following the CAP presentation several FCAV counterparts around Australia have expressed interest in meeting with FCAV to discuss the implementation of the CAP service and how they might provide similar service for their carers. It is apparent that similar themes of loss and grief, trauma, separation, and anxiety is common for all foster carers and Permanent Carers across all jurisdictions.

There has also been approaches for discussion about the need for the service for all carer types including Kinship, Permanent Care and Adoptive Families. FCAV is proud and keen to share this program and its learnings around the nation for the benefit of all our home-based carers.