Carer Information & Support Service Staff Update

The CISS Team and FCAV welcomes new carer support worker, Cam Luong.  Cam is excited to join FCAV after spending recent years at Carers Victoria. He brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the sector. He has worked extensively with carers in the disability and mental health sectors across research, education, clinical settings and not-for-profit organisations. He is passionate about representing the voice of carers. He has supported families who are challenged with numerous life stresses. He is committed to assisting carers through a healing process and works to empower them to obtain better outcomes in their lives. He is looking forward to managing the wellbeing portfolio for the FCAV, which includes support for carers as well as staff in the organisation.  

Cam works Wednesday - FridaySee more about the CISS team


Carers continue to require the invaluable support of the service as they try to navigate difficult and complex issues. Support for carers who may feel unheard and not valued in relation to decisions and challenges or who just wish to discuss aspects of their role, are encouraged to call the Carer Information & Support Service team - (03) 9416 4292.