Carer Priorities Survey Report


The FCAV conducted a survey of members to ascertain priority issues for carers in FCAV's budget submission ahead of budget delivery this year.

Carer respondents assisted the FCAV to prioritise advocacy and identify vital reforms for carer support. 

Whilst we welcome the announcement of the Carer Help Desk in the budget, and anticipate that the implementation will ease some of the administrative delays for carers, it is disappointing that other critical priorities were neglected; feeding carer attrition rates and instability for foster care households, including the children and young people in their care. Read Carer Snapshot Report 2022 here.

Of note, carers' experience of the sector and the need for a culture of respect ranked as a critical issue causing carers to question their willingness to continue volunteering as a foster carer. 

The FCAV now has a strong mandate ahead of the state election and the next budget round 2022-2023.

This report shows the highest priority issues for the volunteer carers of our state’s children and young people in foster care.

Full report here: Priorities_Survey_Report.pdf