Carer Strategy

The Carer Strategy is an important mechanism to respond to the everyday concerns which affect all carers and their ability to deliver the best possible care. Carers are frustrated by the time it takes to get a birth registered and a birth certificate, obtaining a medicare number, a passport or permission to travel. Carers are also concerned about delays in accessing essential support services through the Client Support Funding Framework.


What these everyday carer examples point to is the need for a strategic approach to managing systemic carer issues. The carer strategy will  be a vehicle to drive efficiencies which have the potential to benefit carers, agencies and DHHS. Providing carers with the tools and services they need not only improves carer satisfaction, but more streamlined administration will allow the whole sector to focus on the core task of delivering high quality care.


Katie Hooper the former CEO of the FCAV, was one of the first people in the sector to realise the potential of the Carer Strategy to achieve the twin goals of addressing carer issues and driving sector reform. Through her advocacy, the FCAV was provided with funding from the Minister’s Office to develop the FCAV Carer Strategy Discussion Paper 2018 which was a key input into the development of the Carer Strategy.


To read the FCAV Carer Strategy Discussion Paper please click here.