Carer Survey - Childhood Neglect

You may have seen a similar notice about this research on helping children who have experienced neglect. If you are interested  it is not too late to participate if you have cared for a child in the past 12 months who previously experienced neglect?  To participate click this link:


This survey is part of a PhD project on helping children recover from harms associated with neglect. It is approved by La Trobe University, DHHS and FCAV. The survey asks non-identifying questions about the children and ask you to think about a particular child.


Questions include the child’s presentation, and your role in caring for the child. The researchers also ask for your opinions about neglect and recovery. The remaining questions are about your experience as a foster parent and whether you are interested in being contacted about a focus group.


This survey takes about 30 minutes (available to 31st Jan 2020. For more information, click on


or contact Annette Jackson on


If you have already completed this survey, thank you so much. You do not need to complete it again.