Caring Through Art Group Update

Following a carer survey conducted by FCAV it confirmed what we were hearing on the CISS support line that carers needed additional support as they were experiencing distress, trauma, anger, isolation and grief and loss –all signs of compassion fatigue with the onset of COVID-19 as they took on additional tasks such as home schooling, respite reducing and facilitating access.


Carers had previously expressed feeling guilty when thinking of taking time out for themselves but we know that if this does not happen carers may become burnt out, so our Caring through Art group has been established.


The group provides an opportunity to connect with other carers, learn about self-care and be involved in creating art whereby carers will be able to redirect their attention and through non-verbal means of communication, express how they are actually feeling. Art encourages the carer to use their imagination and express unconscious thoughts, worries, and grief and ultimately role model for the child in their care, that this is an acceptable means of taking care of themselves. The skills they learn are also transferrable to the child and can provide additional means of creating opportunities to bond and attach and help the child to express non verbally any trauma or loss they have experienced.


We have so far run two out of the 6 sessions and carers are expressing how much they are enjoying the group and have created some beautiful pieces of art – so far tie dying and rock art have been on the agenda. The rock art was conducted by Emma Bamblett from VACCA and she has also passed on cultural information that will help many of the carers who have Aboriginal children in their care.


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