Census Data is in!

The Foster Care Association of Victoria is pleased to present the Foster Carer Census Brochure, showcasing the stand out characteristics and situations of Victoria’s foster carers.


This is the first ever Foster Carer Census conducted across the state and was completed by over 1340 foster carers in November 2016. This response rate is exceptional, and means that the data collected is a very solid representation of Victoria’s foster carers. Thank you again

Government, agencies and the community can see who these amazing volunteers are, what is impacting their foster caring experience and what we can best do to support them, retain them as carers and encourage others to open their homes in the future.


Outstanding data analysis shows:

  • A large proportion of respondees (42%) are new carers who have been caring for up to one year. This is great news. Let’s find out more about how to retain these carers into the future.
  • Foster carers are everywhere, but 41 % are in rural and regional areas with all the implications for logistics and costs associated with travel, schooling and keeping a child connected to their family, siblings and community of origin.
  • A high 24% of foster carers are caring for more than one child or young person at a time.
  • The majority of foster carers (66%) are sharing care and tend to have other children in their care as well.
  • One in three foster carers, care alone. Some of this group are older foster carers who tend to be on the lowest income and employment levels despite high education levels, when compared to other groups.

“We’re so excited to have this information. When the Foster Care Association say that foster carers need to be supported more in regional areas, we have the data to back this up. When we say that foster carers are engaged and keen to be trained, and deserve to be respected and recognised, we can show real data that bears out their commitment despite logistic and financial challenges, to care for our children and young people who need a place to call home.” Katie Hooper, CEO, Foster Care Association of Victoria.


To see the Census brochure click HERE.