Grandparent, Foster and Kinship Advisory Line expansion!

Centrelink has renamed the Grandparents Advisor phone service following advocacy from the Foster Care Association of Victoria (FCAV) to develop a more inclusive service that supports all carer types. The new service is expected to be launched on 1 July 2022 and will be called:


Grandparent, Foster and Kinship Carer Advisory Line

Supporting formal and informal carers who provide ongoing care for children


The FCAV and carers advocated for the change in name because it was unclear whether the Grandparents Advisory line was available to foster  carers. Due to its name, many foster carers were confused about whether they could call the Grandparents Advisory line service to get support when enrolling for Centrelink benefits and services.

The re-branded service recognises the important service that volunteer foster carers provide as well as the challenges that many carers experience when attempting to navigate online enrolment processes which have been developed for parents rather than carers.

To assist carers, the new service will have extra staff to provide more timely advice and support.


Read more from Services Australia: Grandparent Adviser Line expansion


Call: 1800 245 965 for assistance with Centrelink appointments, payments and support. 

New branding and communications to follow.