Happy Birthday to the Carer Assistance Program (CAP)!


What a remarkable year! Despite the many challenges of Covid-19, the FCAV is proud to have launched the pilot of this program, providing therapeutic support to Victorian foster carers for the first time.

We have been thrilled with the sector’s response to the CAP and the willingness of carers to engage in the service, reinforcing that the FCAV is a trusted and valued support to carers.

The majority of foster carers who have received the CAP support over the year have accessed 2 or 3 sessions, with many carers continuing beyond this. We are delighted that foster carer couples have accessed the CAP jointly, and that many foster carers living in regional areas of Victoria have been able to access the service.

The online/telephone platform removes any barriers to engagement and has proven to be flexible and accessible for many carers, particularly during Covid-19 lockdowns. We are so grateful for all your feedback and remain committed to continuing our advocacy for the ongoing funding of this unique service. We look forward to being able to celebrate the CAP’s 2nd birthday next September!


To find out more about CAP and how you can benefit from the service, click here: Carer Assistance Program | Foster Care Association of Victoria (fcav.org.au)