Letter to Carers from new Minister

Blandthorn Lizzie HS CMYK Cropped 002Dear Foster Carers,


As the Minister for Child Protection and Family Services, I want to thank you for the tireless and selfless work you do for vulnerable children in Victoria.

Your efforts to provide stability, consistency and care to these children and young people are crucial to their ability to take the next steps in their life journey, whether to reunification, permanent care or other long-term care.


But I know that foster caring can be challenging. That’s why the Government has established the Carer Help Desk, which helps carers to access services, obtain key documents, like Birth Certificates and Medicare Cards, and provide a contact point for carers.


It is also why the Government has invested in the Family Services system, more than $380 million in last year’s budget, to support families to remain safely together.

For children entering care, we have continued the CareHub trial, which provides wrap-around support to children who are entering care for the first time. We have also continued to fund the CaringLife app, enabling children to store, save and see photos, videos and other moments from their time in care.

But I know that we must continue to listen to the voices of carers themselves, in order to understand the challenges you face. I look forward to working with FCAV to better understand and respond to your needs, and the needs of the incredible children you care for.


In the hustle and bustle of your caring role, please also take some time to care for yourselves. If you are struggling, please reach out to the Carer Support Team on (03) 9416-4292; the Carer Assistance Program is there to help you.


Thank you for the generosity, compassion and care you offer our children and young people.


Best wishes,

Lizzie Blandthorn

Minister for Child Protection and Family Services

Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council