Out of home care eligibility for Get Active $200 vouchers

We’re so pleased to be able to inform foster carers of a win!

By advocating with the offices of the Minister for Community Sports, Ros Spence and Minister for Child Protection, Luke Donnellan we’ve received confirmation that foster carers now have full and automatic eligibility for the children in their care to the voucher scheme for extra curricular activities under the Get Active voucher scheme.  Eligibility will no longer be assessed on the basis of a carer pension or health care card and carers do not need to fill out a hardship form. Please apply with a direct email to: getactivekids@sport.vic.gov.au advising that you have a/or the number of young people in your care and your request.

(Whilst eligibility has been confirmed, if you take this step and continue to have any issues accessing the voucher on behalf of the children in your care, please contact the FCAV.)

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