Statement from the FCAV - Federal Election

The Foster Care Association of Victoria congratulates the Honourable Anthony Albanese MP and the Australian Labor Party on their election as they form government in Australia’s 47th Parliament. The FCAV was particularly pleased to hear Anthony Albanese prioritise welfare and kindness as the tenets of his incoming government in his inaugural speech as Prime Minister Elect on election night.


We look forward to this new government addressing areas of inequity which affect foster carers and the children and young people for whom they care. Most notably, reforms to the NDIS, dental care, Centrelink, and Medicare entitlements are a top priority for Victoria’s foster carers.


We also look forward to establishing positive relationships with Victoria’s newly elected Members of Parliament and the Senate, many of whom have existing expertise in fields which are of enormous relevance to the needs of Victorian children and young people in care. Their experience and knowledge will be invaluable in facilitating Commonwealth reforms that benefit our sector.


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