Updated advice on children in care & vaccinations



18 November 2021 

COVID-19 vaccinations for young people in out-of-home care - New Fact Sheet


This updated fact sheet provided by The Department of Health provides advice about eligibility, access and consent for COVID-19 vaccinations and further information on supports available for young people in out-of-home care to get vaccinated including:


  • Details on accessing Vaccine Hesitancy Training for staff
  • Information on supporting young people who are anxious about needles
  • Details on accessing in-reach vaccination services


Follow this link to view the the fact sheet 


Vaccination Informarion for childreen and teenagers 


Following FCAV queries regarding the standard medical care authorisation instrument, the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (the Department) has amended the advice on vaccination for young people in care, and the updated advice can be found on their website.  The updated advice is that immunisations, inclusive of the COVID-19 vaccine, are considered routine medical care and an existing authorisation is already in place for carers (foster, kinship or residential) who hold a current authorisation from their agency.


In addition, young people with sufficient maturity and understanding of their medical situation and the proposed treatment, are legally able to consent to, or refuse treatment, including the COVID-19 vaccines on the recommendation of a registered health professional (medical practitioner, nurse, midwife or pharmacist in the lawful practice of their profession).


Please follow the link to the DFFH Guidance Advice for full information:

Vaccination information for children and teenagers | Coronavirus Victoria