What Works? - Carer Support

What Works?


The Carer Census and other reports, including the FCAV Carer Priorities survey, provide evidence of the logistic, financial and practical challenges that carer’s face which are invaluable in forming policy and legislation to support carers. Further reports such as AIHW , provide evidence of the consequences of these issues for placement stability and carer attrition.

Demonstrating what works for carers directly from their own lived experience, FCAV’s Supporting Carers Awards over the past 2 years gives us long-form case studies from which to derive common themes and the support mechanisms most valued by the most carers.What helps4

As a person-oriented role, it is no surprise to find that evidence points to carer’s valuing the quality and consistency of interpersonal relationships and the respect and value they are shown within care teams as a gateway to effectively receiving other practical supports. We have work to do as a sector to focus on a culture shift to reflect this evidence for the sake of successful placements,  best outcomes for children and young people in care, and carer retention.