Carer Authorisation

Carer Authorisation


All carers should ensure that they have the appropriate authorisations in place to manage the day-to-day care requirements of a child in their care at the beginning of a placement. Carers should also ensure that they understand the scope of their authorisations and when they need to seek approval for certain activities.


The Victorian Child Protection Manual outlines two types of authorisations for accredited carers which are -


  • standard instrument of authorisation (standard authorisation) by their community service organisation; or
  • child specific authorisation issued by child protection.


All carers should make sure that they are covered by either the standard instrument of authorisation or a child specific authorisation when considering a placement.

Many carers of Community Service Organisations (CSO) will be covered by the standard instrument of authorisation which can be issued by the CEO or person in charge of the CSO. The standard authorisation does not require child protection approval and does not need to be reissued if a carer accepts a new placement or at commencement of a new court order.


The permissions specified in the standard authorisation include -


  • routine medical and dental care (including immunisations)
  • education related activities within Victoria
  • photographs in relation to school or other educational, sporting or community activity
  • overnights stays with friends or siblings within Victoria (over 4 year olds)
  • haircuts to maintain an existing style or healthy condition.


Further details about standard carer authorisations can be found in the Victorian Child Protection manual at -

If carers are not authorised under the standard instrument of authorisation, they may be covered by a child specific authorisation. There are a range of factors which may be considered when determining the scope of a child specific authorisation. Further details about child specific authorisations may be found in the Victorian Child Protection manual at -

Questions about carer authorisations should be directed to the case manager of the CSO.