CEO morning tea updates

Update to CEO Morning Tea ~ Sessions with Carers and sessions with Agency staff


Over the past few months FCAV have been hosting virtual meetings with foster carers and agency staff with our CEO, Samantha Hauge. We have had two virtual meetings with carers – our first in February involving 17 foster carers from across Victoria and the second in June of this year involving 19 foster carers to connect and hear their issues and concerns to develop a strong advocacy platform for them.  

Following these sessions, we developed key issues to target our advocacy platform to:

  • Respect to carers.
  • The provision of more funding for programs such as TFCO, Circle and Track models to train all foster carers to learn about therapeutic care.
  • The need to improve the process with CIMS, particularly the lack of information provided and the lack of support to the carer during this process.
  • Improving time lines and processes within the court system.
  • All foster carers to receive COVID vaccine.
  • Ensuring all CAG’s are resuming post COVID -19.


From these issues we have focused on the following:


  • Ensuring Carer Advisory Groups or CAG’s are again operating across the divisions which ensures that carers have the opportunity to advocate on behalf of others and also provides a platform for FCAV to advocate on behalf of carers.
  • CIMS: We informed the group that Communities of Practice has started – Tessa is attending this working group on behalf of FCAV and advocating for an improved process around Client Incident Management System (CIMS).
  • Working Group on Respect: The need to ensure foster carers are valued and recognised for the significant role they play within a system that includes government and agencies and should be working together to support its volunteers. We now have a working group of foster carers starting to develop up a Tip sheet to be shared across the sector, including agencies and DFFH and included in the Carer Strategy following our first round of morning teas.


A fourth morning tea with agency staff is due to occur on 30th July.