CIMS support update

The client incident management system (CIMS) was implemented in January 2018 across all department-funded organisations, including out-of-home care providers. CIMS focuses on the safety and wellbeing of clients and outlines what needs to happen when an incident occurs that alleges abuse, unexplained injury or poor quality of care of a child or young person in out-of-home care.

If you should at any time experience a CIMS allegation you are very welcome to seek support from us as we understand that this can be time consuming, emotionally draining and overwhelming as you navigate the system. FCAV can offer you advice, information, support and advocacy and all you need to do is ring us on 94169492 or book an appointment online:


Read the following tip sheets on CIMS:



Foster carers have also found our Carer Assistance Program (CAP) helpful and this therapeutic service (similar to EAP) provides 3 to 4 sessions to help you with your physical and psychological wellbeing and could include helping you to deal with any loss or grief, anxiety or depression, Compassion fatigue or System ‘trauma’ following CIMS, being deregistered, loss of carer identity and you can go online and complete the following referral: