Petition to Increase the Care Allowance

Enough is enough

Carers are already volunteering their hearts and homes to provide care to young people who need them and the allowance rate is falling in real value by the month, forcing carers to pay out of pocket on essentials like food, bills and services because they will not let the children in their care go without.   


In the last budget there was no contingency for an increase to the allowance

Despite years of advocacy by carers and peak bodies, as well as a KPMG report on the Allowance that the Government has kept cabinet-in-confidence which provides evidence of the shortfall, carers are still bearing the true costs of care.   


We are demanding better

We will send a Letter_to_Ministers Treasurer Pallas and Minister Blandthorn and we invite you to add your name to this petition to show that we’re not alone in expecting better for carers and the children and young people in their care.  


Victoria has the lowest Care Allowance rate for foster, kinship and permanent care in Australia.


Sign now and join the push for better support to home-based care. 


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Your submission will be sent to decision makers and we will keep you updated on progress of this action. We intend to keep the petition open until the end of December 2023 or until a commitment is made by the Victorian Government to increase the care allowance. 

Submission to this petition will include your name and statements only. No contact or other information will be shared with any other party.

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