Release of the 2023 Carer Snapshot

Data from 2023 CSSRThe latest FCAV Carer Snapshot, collected for March of 2023 reflects a 26% drop in people going through the accreditation process to become foster carers, which led to 50 fewer new carers entering the sector this year compared to last. Compounded by the record number of exiting carer households, this has resulted in almost 100 fewer households available for a placement referral.

The failure of the system to accredit and retain good carers will mean more children and young people will end up in highly unsuitable care; contingency placements or residential care.  


A high functioning child protection system should be able to support the range of care options necessary to ensure all young people are cared for in culturally safe, family based care.  The continuing decline in foster care numbers; cost of living crisis and a decline in volunteerism worldwide doesn’t explain why Victoria is faring worse than other jurisdictions in Australia. Evidence shows that word of mouth is the most effective recruitment principle by which members of the community become familiar with being a foster carer and explore the possibility of taking on the role themselves. The carer experience is key to attracting the cohort most concerned about the care needs of children and young people who require home-based care. A retention and recruitment strategy aimed at improving funding, respectful relationships and supports to carers is required from the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.