Care Allowance Campaign Update August 2023

updateThank you to each of the almost 1600 carers and supporters who has made a submission to the Foster Care Association and Permanent Care and Adoptive Families Campaign to Increase the Care Allowance.


The submissions are powerful and eloquent because they tell a simple truth. The Care Allowance is not enough to cover the cost of living and volunteer carers are having to pay for many care expenses out of their own pocket. This is not fair because the Government is financially responsible for all children in home-based care.


The Minister for Child Protection, Lizzie Blandthorn responded to our Letter_to_Ministers_Interim.pdf letter of 20th June 2023 which included the intial tranche of 1000 submissions from foster, kinship and permanent carers, sector professionals, CEOs of agencies and ACCOs and from young people. Read Response_from_Minister_Blandthorn.pdf.


Whilst a lack of commitment from the Government to address the urgent care allowance situation concurrent with any reform agenda, is disappointing, the campaign is gaining momentum with support from our sector colleagues, counterparts and other carer supporters and peaks around Australia. We will continue to rally Agency, ACCO and peak body support to the campaign as the more submissions and attention the campaign garners, the greater chance for change. 


We will keep you up to date with any further news or correspondence from the Government. 


Please continue to share the petition link to support the campaign which will remain open until December 2023 to fit with Budget round submissions.

 unit5 childrenCare Allowance Petition quotes carer for 35yrs wonder how I will support myself into retirementCare Allowance Petition quotes hard to continue 5

Care Allowance Petition quotes carer for 35yrs wonder how I will support myself into retirement

Care Allowance Petition quotes below the poverty line