Carer Assistance Program - Update

Carer Assistance Program (CAP) celebrates a year of support to Victoria's foster carers! Click here to read more.


Carer Assistance Program announces Group Sessions!
New carers are invited to participate in our first 4-session therapeutic group, exploring the impact of your first placement experience. 
If you are a foster carer:

  • Who has had a challenging first placement;
  • feels ‘let down’ as your expectations were not met; and/or
  • is having thoughts of leaving the care system

We welcome you joining us, to meet with other carers and chat about where to from here.

The sessions will take place on 4 consecutive Mondays beginning November 15, 22, 29 and concluding 6th Dec.
Time: 11am-12.30pm
Location: Zoom
If you are a new carer and have experienced these issues resulting from your first placement and you're interested in attending therapeutic group sessions with an intimate group (6-8 carers), please email:
We will forward further details to you once your EOI is received.

As we look towards further changes in Victoria and the children and young people in your care start to re-join their social life, schools and activities, they may experience some anxiety and fatigue that causes unsettled behaviours. If you are affected by difficult emotional fallout due to these issues or are experiencing your own stress as we come out of lockdown, the Carer Assistance Program (CAP) is open to self-referral from ALL foster carers.

These private and confidential therapeutic support sessions will assist you to navigate this complex time as a carer, no matter how small or large your issues. The FCAV’s CAP service is free, and sessions can be held either by phone or Zoom.

Please don’t hesitate to contact CAP today. We look forward to hearing from you. See further updates from CAP here.  Access direct to the service referral form.